Open Call for educational program – Risk Change

14.6.2024. u 03.26h

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka announces an


for educational program


which will be presented at the MMSU, as the program accompanying Escape exhibition, the third part of the EU project Risk Change, The selected programs will be held at the MMSU, during the duration of the exhibition (between 17. 11. 2018 – 15. 1. 2019).

The educational program within the exhibition Escape thematises migrations as a collective phenomenon, dealing with their incentives and relationships between migrants and inhabitants on the level of everyday life. From the authors who apply to the public call, it is expected to create workshops and public presentation with the goal of engagement of young population. The educational program should refer to the positive effects of migrations and anticipate connections of local and migrant population. The key words of the educational program would be escape as practice of survival and detours of the usual paths and regular boundaries.

The public invitation is open until 10th September 2018. The contributions will be chosen by MMSU curators: Ksenija Orelj, Sabina Salamon, Nataša Šuković, Marina Tkalčić and MMSU educator Milica Đilas.

Applications should contain:

– name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address; CV
– a description of the educational program (with special emphasis on methods and involved groups);


Notes for applicants:
Individuals and collectives from the area of the Republic of Croatia and the EU, and Third Countries have the right to apply to the public invitation. The educational program will be held in Croatian language.
The applicants can apply to the e-mail: with the subject ‘Escape’
The predicted costs for the program are up to 8.000,00 kunas gross, with additional funds for travel expenses. The accommodation will be secured by the MMSU.

The program is supported by the EU program Creative Europe, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Rijeka.

The exhibition is part of the programme line Kitchen – Center for Creative Migrations, within the ECOC Rijeka 2020 – Port of Diversity.

The contents of this open call do not express the opinion of the EU program Creative Europe, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Rijeka, but only the opinions and stands of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.