WorkShope online: With the Collection

David Maljković’s With the Collection exhibition consisted of an ongoing workshop with art academies (Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka, WHW Akademija Zagreb) and graphic design master program (Werkplaats Typografie Arnhem) participants. While they were preparing for their workshop week in Rijeka, the participants treated the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art as a reader, while the digital museum database served as a communication tool and an incentive for their dialogue with the museum collection. Their translations and views, woven into a dialogue with the collection, were supposed to become an integral part of the exhibition on this day, March 28th.

Due to the ongoing health crisis on a planetary level, their responses won’t get the full materialization in the space of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. However, their artistic concepts have been adapted for online viewing formats, and here we are presenting them to you!

Ivana Tkalčić

Katarina Kožul

Neža Knez


Bianca Hisse

María Luisa Sanín Peña

Petra Patafta

Ekatarina Muromtseva

Jolanta Nowaczyk

Kristina Čehulić

Kristina Čehulić

Vlad Brăteanu

Marina Rajšić

Elena Apostolovski

Ela Štefanac

Gaisha Madanova

Tin Dožić

Dante Buu