WorkShope online: Petra Patafta (APURI)


Petra Patafta used the MMSU collection of new media art, film and video and created an interesting interactive projection.

We present the work ‘Mutual Inter-Activity’.

Enjoy the projection with us!

Artworks need to be seen.

To what extent do they shape us?

To what extend do we, by viewing, shape them?


We invite you to join our interactive projection of selected video works from the MMSU collection:


Tanja Dabo, You are an Exceptionally Beautiful Person, 2006,

Tanja Dabo, Welcome, 2004

Sanja Iveković, Looking at…, 1974, and

Tomislav Brajnović, Buddhas of Bamiyan, 2003


You can join by clicking this link from 18 to 19 hrs, every day from April 12 to April 20.  


Petra Patafta

Petra Patafta (1998, Vodnjan) is a third-year undergraduate student at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. In her work she mostly researches the links between man and nature through mechanisms of the human subconscious and direct human influence. She works in the field of video, sound, photography and sculpture.