WorkShope online: Katarina Kožul (APURI)


Reflecting on the phenomenon of consumerism and personal possessions in contemporary society, Katarina Kožul chose the private collection of towels as a reference point of her artistic proposal for participation within the exhibition ‘With the Collection’. Towels here represent an emotional value opposed to materialism.

Here, in online version, we are presenting Katarina Kožul’s artistic concept called ‘Grandmother’s Collection’ that should’ve been realized in the pshysical exhibition space.

The starting point for this work is the personal collection of one of my family members, specifically my grandmother’s towel collection. She started collecting them in 1995, after my family suffered the tragedy of losing our home, as a product of finding comfort in material things. The towels, in this case, are a substitute for desired security. Collection was inspired by the fact that they were one of the rare things she had left over after the war.

For my work within the exhibition ‘With the Collection’, I would like to use some of the towels from that collection and stitch them together into a curtain 180×400 cm in size. With this collage I am going to intervene into architecture, by positioning it in the front room of the museum, between two windows. Different colours, intensity and direction of light during the day would change the appearance and texture of the curtain, and the atmosphere of the space.


Katarina Kožul

Katarina Kožul (1998, Novi Sad) is a third-year undergraduate student of sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. In her work she deals with social issues, migrations and attributes and identity of people at the margins. She mostly works in the field of sculpture, ready-made and collage.