WorkShope online: Jolanta Nowaczyk (WHW Akademija)


Experience MMSU collection through sensual whispering.

We’re presenting ‘A very classic trigger’.

Sensual whispering and very sensitive stereo microphones can cause tingling sensation which some people describe as relaxing, satisfying or pleasurable. Through the juxtaposition of ASMR and artworks from the collection of MMSU in Rijeka, the audiowork ‘A Very Classic Trigger’ underlines the fetishization of collecting unique objects with high symbolic and financial capital.


For achieving the desired effect, we advise listening to ASMR track through headphones.


Jolanta Nowaczyk

Jolanta Nowaczyk was born in 1992 in Poland, based in Prague, graduated from the Intermedia Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (BA) and Szczecin (MA).  Her artistic practice focuses on exploring contemporary art mechanisms and institutional critique. The mediums she uses are always determined by the character of the project. In the last years, she worked with video, sound, mail-art, postcards, text, Instagram account.