WorkShope online: Ela Štefanac (alumni APURI)


We’re presenting the personal collection of Ela Štefanac.

Her ‘Personal glitch’.

‘Personal glitch’ is a presentation of one personal collection.

Intangible, imperfect and ubiquitous.

One without rules, with countless questions repeated just as many times until the question mark starts to lose any meaning.


Translation of ‘Personal glitch’:

The collection should be kept in specific, perfect conditions. I need specific, perfect conditions to work. Those conditions are never here. I will not get them, or create them. Conditions for keeping/exhibiting artworks – temperature for paper 17-19°c, for mixed collections 15-22°c. The temperature in my studio goes up to 15°c, sometimes maybe 17. The paper has better conditions than I do. Which means, I cannot work. Everything in the world moves except for me. Bollocks will you do anything, and yet you did. If only I knew what other people think of me. In the end, it’s all a matter of perspective. Popcorn pop at 180°c, when will I. It does not have to mean anything. Finish what you started. It is not good to be certain*, it does not create anything. I am comforted by the fact that no suffering is universal, but then again it is. There is no answer. The work is an artefact of process, what is your process. It is forbidden to fall into a loop.  Now I understand why poetry can’t be translated. 

*In Croatian ‘siguran’ opens to multiple meanings: safe, secure, sure, content, pleased


Ela Štefanac

Ela Štefanac (1993, Požega) is a visual artist working in the field of sculpture, object, ambient art and performance. Her work is not limited to the medium, but she often uses analog photography, found and everyday objects, elements from nature, video, sound and herself. In her work she tries to present visual poetry in contemporary art. In 2018 she received the title of Master of Fine Arts in Pedagogy at APURI (Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka). She is the recipient of the Austrian Red Carpet Art Award (2015) for which she was a jury member for the following years. She had solo exhibitions in Croatia, and participated in group shows in Croatia and abroad. She is a member of HDLU Rijeka and Zagreb (Croatian Association of Artists).