WorkShope online: Tin Dožić (WHW Akademija)


The video was created according to (and as a reference to) Alvin Lucier’s ‘I am sitting in a room’. Repetition, minimal shifts, reflection of a present moment and of author’s current position.

Listen to Tin Dožić’s art proposal ‘I’m sitting in a room, birds are singing outside’ for collaboration ‘With the Collection’.

Since it is impossible to produce my original idea for this workshop, I take that impossibility as a starting point for a new gesture. The following video is not a work, but a presentation in a form of an expanded text.



Tin Dožić

Tin Dožić (Rijeka, 1989) completed his studies in psychology at the Faculty of Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb and at the New Media department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Sound as a medium is a starting point of his (artistic) practice encompassing various fields of activities such as multimedia, field recordings, radio, experimental music, and installations. Current areas of his interest are materiality, (dark) ecology, DIY culture and media archaeology, the Anthropocene and geology, convergence of art and science, sleep and dreams. He has exhibited and performed his work on various platforms in Croatia and abroad, through solo and collaborative projects.