The living portrait, exhibition from the MMCA collection


A series of smaller 2019 exhibitions addressing the MMCA’s collection fundraising policy, such as Hommage to a drawing or 120 artworks on the second floor, continues in July with The living portrait, an exhibition which will expose the latest acquisitions of the MMCA’s collection of paintings.

Selected works refer to the collecting trends of the museum that, as a result of a series of objective circumstances, intensified in the last few years and are based on different forms of donations. The issues in focus are those of the context of supplementing the museum’s collection (eg what kind of works are offered to the museum as donations), of community around the donating practices (eg who the donors are) and of donor benefits (eg why donations are donated). The question of whether Croatian museums follow international donating practices will also be raised.

The exhibition will visualize how acquisitions in which gifts prevail over redemptions, reflect the present state of the MMCA’ collection and question whether the museum collection can reflect contemporary trends in the painting scene or are the gifts out of control of museum’s collecting policy.

In this exhibition, the works by Eugen Feller, Đanino Božić, Mitar Matić, Sebastijan Dračić, Goran Fruk, Rudolf Sablić and Tina Gverović will be exhibited.

Curator: Vilma Bartolić
Photo: Mitar Matić, Without a name

Exhibition opening: 23.7 at 8 PM