Intervention by Nora Turato within Villa Ružić

26.3.2020. in 18h, Villa Ružić

David Maljković’s exhibition With the Collection opened on January 31 2020. Serving as a polygon for various collaborations, it opened up space for three younger-generation artists, who touch upon its subjects – the collection and the museum as social base and infrastructure – in different manners.

Today, in the frame of the exhibition. Nora Turato was supposed to present her artistic intervention within the Rijeka based memorial collection and library Villa Ružić in the form of ‘site-responsive’ monography.

In correlation with Villa Ružić Nora Turato constructs other manners of approaching the collection. Turato – who, in her artistic practice of performative character, continuously collects linguistic flotsam from various sources and transforms it into truism pools – views language as the genius loci of present-day murmuring, but also internalizes it through metabolizing and co-producing new meanings.

Many thanks to Theodor de Canziani Ružić, curator of Villa Ružić for his generosity and support, as well as photographers Hrvoje Franjić and Ivan Vranjić!

While we are waiting for better times to come, we want to share with you a glimpse of this publication yet to be launched, in form of the header photo in this article.

Stay safe and sound!