WorkShope online: Bianca Hisse (WHW Akademija)


MMSU presents:
Bianca Hisse
In collaboration With the Collection
‘Window to Paradise’, 2020

‘Window to Paradise’ is both a promise and a collective desire. It is both a sad song and a tourism slogan. It is both an act of contemplation and a marketing strategy. It is both Dubrovnik and Rio. It is freedom and its double. ‘Window to Paradise’ is an image in which we can see the corner of a wall where a mirror reflects a clear sky and small hills on a sunny day. In ‘Window to Paradise’, we cannot see the beach that stands under the frame, nor the Carnival fervently occupying every inch of sand.


Photography taken during the Carnival at Copacabana beach, Dubrovnik. 



Bianca Hisse (1994, Sao Paulo)

Bianca’s practice delves into language twists and movement flows to investigate how today’s societies are choreographed. In addition to her recent exhibition at Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic (Zagreb), her work has been featured across Norway and internationally, including: Tromsø Kunstforening, PRAKSIS Oslo with Kunsternes Hus, BABEL Visningsrom for kunst (Trondheim), Small Projects (Tromsø), Galleri Konstepidemin (Gothenburg), and others.