Zoran Pavelić: Wakening Mechanisms


The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is opening Zoran Pavelić’s solo exhibition entitled Wakening Mechanisms on Friday, 27 October, at 19:00.
Performance at the opening reception will take a place in the courtyard of the Museum at 19:00.

The presentation of Zoran Pavelić through his solo show in MMSU Rijeka is our contribution to the evaluation of his work and at the same time an attempt to explain how he occupied a special position on the Croatian art scene. Pavelić has been active since the mid-1980s, navigating the areas of diverse production which are anchored in multimediality, unspectacular aspects of work, and invisible and commonplace behavioral forms and gestures, often not aiming at aesthetical pleasure but pointing attention to the need for action. The exhibition will display in segments a number of works that are mutually interlaced, prompting non-linear reading and thus bypassing the logic of chronology. Particular focus will be placed on the works that represent his creative principles and exciting ideas.

Zoran Pavelić’s oeuvre has largely followed the creative principles of Fluxus and Neo-Dada. He has developed several distinctive artistic procedures that can be subsumed under key notions such as authorship and signature, the collective and anonymous author, high culture and pop-culture, artistic vs. non-artistic, connection between life and art, spirit and matter, while cultivating the principles of process, non-objectness, incompleteness, ephemerality and appreciation of coincidence.

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Zoran Pavelić – Biography

Born in 1961 in Osijek, Croatia. He is graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb in 1998. Founder and member of the informal art group Močvara [The Swamp] from Baranja (1988 to 1991). Member of the Gallery of Extended Media council (2000 – 2007). Art director and member of artistic group PLEH since 2007. The book Zoran Pavelić – Political speech is suprematism was published by PLEH in 2012 with text by Ružica Šimunović, art historian, art critic and editor of the visual arts program Movement of a Point (First Radio Program of Croatian Radio).

Zoran Pavelić’s artistic research most often explores zones of influence and correlations of different cultural, media, geo-political and other factors regarding the position of the artist and art in a socio-political context. His artistic position is developing through an active attitude towards the cultural and political reality of transitional Croatia, and especially in an effort to redefine the relationship between the artistic heritage of proto-conceptual art of the 1960s, and contemporary art practice. Through a rich opus that encompasses diverse disciplines, actions, performances, painting, photography,  installations, videos, or strategies for appropriating and reinterpreting historical templates, the artist establishes complex communication with the artistic and cultural layers of heritage, measuring the political and social weight of artists, arts and artistic institutions in a given time and space. „It is important to hear the Artist’s Voice’ is his frequently used maxim and artistic statement summarized in one sentence.


Parallel program

Guided tours: 9/11, 23/11/, 30/11/ at 6 pm.

Presentation of the project Der Zug nach Kassel-Kurator / Privatkollektion, by dr.sc. Ivana Mance Cipek, 9/11 at 7 pm. Ivana Mance Cipek biography
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Curator: Sabina Salamon

Education: Ivana Golob Mihić

Technical setup: Vanja Pužar, Anton Samaržija, Miroslav Šarić

Graphic design/visual identity: Ana Tomić i Marino Krstačić-Furić

PR: Kora Girin


Acknowledgement: volunteers in culture, Croatian Cultural Centre in Sušak


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