Zdena Kolečková & Jiří Černický


From the herbs collected in the neighborhood of SPOLCHEMIE, a chemical plant in the center of my native town, I made “tea” and “coffee” blends presented as a “product” whose packaging looks just like the usual labels from health food stores. Using official laboratory analyses, I determined the amount of heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbons contained therein. 
I drew water from the outflow under the chemical plant, collecting and using it for exclusive watering of hydroponically grown herbs and vegetables. After their harvest, I had them analyzed again in the accredited laboratory for the presence of the same harmful substances. 
Thus in both cases, the plants are victims as well as bearers of meaning because they are not mere experimental organisms but, above all, they symbolically represent the inhabitants of the city with whom they share an identical environment.
(Zdena Kolečková)

Jiří Černický formulates a concept of visionary nomadic activism, which is a proof of faith in the potential of art and its ability to initiate changes, using the revolutionary sociocultural act. The process of creation may be interpreted mainly as concentrated and uncompromising searching for the truth, which is discovering by Lambert Zuidervaart, Canadian philosopher and aesthetic, in the “dynamic correlation between creative openness and a creative ability to convince others”. In the beguiling area formed by Černicki’s projects, we witness the opening of an elegant system of captivating attitudes, which unify us with the abundance of creative fantasies, hyperbolized beauty and suggestive pain of life among the collapsing values and structures of our world.

Zdena Kolečková, All the things that are white are not milk 

Jiří Černický, Aviary for Aircraft

Opening: 2/10/2018 at 8 pm, MMSU