RI – ROCK papers

19.9.–3.10.2018., Mali salon

We are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of RI ROCK PAPERS exhibition. RI ROCK PAPERS is a condensed survey of graphic designer Mladen Stipanović’s thirty years of artwork.

Fro the first time ever, rock and pop Rijeka scene get to be presented in the paper media of LP, CD and MC covers, posters and other paper and print materials. Surveying the period from 1988 until the present day, the show’s selection features Stipanović’s design solutions made for bands such as Let2, Let3, Grad, Fit, Grč, Blagdan band, En Face, Vava, Urban, Turisti, Gipss, Mr. Lee & Ivane Sky, Morso, Gerila, Mario Furka, Unlogic Skill, including some young-generation bands like Moskva and The Ant.


RETROSPECTIVE: RI ROCK PAPERS offers a retrospective insight into a continuity of design by Mladen Stipanović, who not only deserves a status of Rijeka music scene fan, but is to be regarded as one of its equally deserving creators and authors.

MUSIC ACTS: RI ROCK PAPERS opening night features some hot music acts, including Mr. Lee & Ivane Sky, Dean Škaljac (Gerila, ex Grad) with Orijen Modrušan (Grč, ex Grad), Vedran Vučković (Nord, ex Unlogic skill), Vava and The Siids.

Opening times:

Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 to 20:00

W/ends 11:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00


Radno vrijeme: utorak-petak 11-20 i subota-nedjelja 11-14, 17-20.