The Turned Out Pocket: Yugo Yoga – The Path Towards Socialist Self – Realisation – Lara Ritoša Roberts / postponed

1.8.2020. in 12h,

The exercise of remembering political experiences and the visual legacy of the collective past.

The Yugo Yoga performance invites citizens and passers-by to join in a choreography in which the poses of partisan heroes taken from public monuments alternate with the physical movements, such as yoga postures and similar exercises. Everyday practices focused on the body and the spirit of the individual fit into group exercise, an exercise in which the body recalls the political experiences and visual legacy of our collective past. Flipping through our biographical memory, from the experience of rallies during socialism, to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of communism and the war that followed in the Balkans, the artist appropriates the symbolic language of the private and public domain in order to indicate the visual manifestations that are at the heart of the negotiation of the individual in the collective. With the sounds of revolutionary songs and political slogans, the audience and the performers gradually merge into a collective body in a physical confrontation with the past and the present.

Organiser: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Flagship: Times of Power