Rijeka of murals: Balthazar’s Playground – Akacorleone / cancelled

14.5.2020. in 00h, Delta Park

The Portuguese artist, just like Professor Balthazar, helps fellow townsfolk with imagination and creativity. In this case, he does it by making murals in the children’s playground.

Portuguese street artist Pedro Campiche, artistic name Akacorleone, performs an artistic intervention – a mural – on the ground of a neighbourhood playground, inviting children and neighbours to visit the playground, to play basketball or football, to move away a little from the small screens and the virtual world and to hang out with him and their friends and to simply – mingle!

Just as Professor Balthazar solves the problems of his friends and fellow townsfolk with the help of his clever machine, imagination and positive energy, the artist uses colour and creativity to bring back play and people to the playground.

Akacorleone is an artist from Lisbon, of Portuguese and Swiss roots, who began his activity as a graffiti writer, from which he developed a career as a street artist, a designer and illustrator. Expressing himself on street walls and running away from dogs, he got hooked on typography, painting and drawing. He is recognised by his skilful combination of colours, typography, dimensions and shapes, which he merges into attractive playful compositions.

Organiser: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Rijeka)