Finalist of the “Radoslav Putar” Award Exhibition


On Thursday, June 6, at 8 pm at Mali salon, the annual “Radoslav Putar” Award for Young Artists in Croatia will be awarded to the winner of this national competition.

The award is awarded by the Institute for Contemporary Art from Zagreb, in co-operation with the Young Visual Artists Award Network, the Residency Unlimited organization from New York and the New York Trust for Mutual Understanding. The winner of the awards will be staying at the Residency Unlimited on a two-month residency program, will have an independent exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Art and will take part in the Jury of “Radoslav Putar” Award in 2020.

This year’s finalists – Sabina Mikelić, Predrag Pavić, Bozidar Katić and Tin Dožić – were chosen by the jury consisting of a Split artist and the winner of the “Radoslav Putar” Award in 2018 Ana Kuzmanić, the producer and curator of the Split organization Mavena Natasha Kadin, artist and university professor Đorđe Jandrić, Slovenian curator Liliana Stepančič and artist and university professor Ksenija Turčić.

The work of Tin Dožić named “Anthropogenic Songs # 3” is part of the series of works that address the Anthropocene, with the focus on the important role of technology in that era. By dealing with record patterns and technological artifacts from close past and present, the artist seeks to create loose connections between different anthropocentric symptoms. The work was created as a collection of found and rejected items, outdated technologies and tools, digital errors and various minerals.

“Oberflächenunterstützung” by Božidar Katić is an artistic and curatorial project started in 2018 when Katić starts to work on interior decoration and refurbishment of apartments and business premises in Berlin, together with the French artist The Wa. They also perform interim interventions, performances, and video works, on the same premises they reconstruct. They invite various artists to join them on the site and everything is recorded and posted on Instagram.

Sabina Mikelić in the installation of “Ode to Joy” implicitly deals with the economic situation in Croatia, a transitional country where most of the earthly goods are for sale, for the sake of mere survival. She also deals with the complexity of family relations and intergenerational coexistence.

“Winter installation” by Predrag Pavić uses a small furnace with the burning fire for the main element of the work. The furnace is only a model, while its template, a real furnace, is used by the author to heat his workspace. The chimney in the installation extends through the gallery, looking for a place where it can go out. In front of the stove, there are little woods and pieces of coal with which the performer keeps the fire on.

The exhibition stays open until July 11th. Working hours of Mali salon: Tuesday – Fridays from 12 PM to 9 PM; Saturday – Sunday from 2 PM to 21 o’clock. The entrance is free!