Poetry is a rabbit from the hat, exhibition


On Friday 31 May at 8 pm at SKC Gallery in Kružna ulica, an exhibition of the authors selected by the contest “Poetry is a rabbit from the hat” will be opened.

Young artists were invited to work on the strategies of Vlado Martek, a conceptual Croatian artist working in the field of poetry and language, whose “Multi-Title Exhibition” will be open on July 12th at the MMCA, as part of the pre-program of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture.

The exhibition “Poetry is a rabbit from the hat” will present works by ten young artists, present or former students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Ljubljana. The exhibited works mix different media (artists books, objects, installations, newspaper interventions …), as well as formats and languages. We meet with more intimate records coming from the first person (diary, poetry, narrative) and content encoded in the language of advertisements, laws, or media.

Artists exhibiting: Laura Barić, Kristina Čehulić, Katarina Kožul, Adela Mesić, Mihaela Rašica, Bojan Stojčić, Jelena Simunić, Matea Sipar, Tea Teodorović, Gloria Arapović, Lucija Granić and Ivona Habijanec.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday, from 17:00 to 20:00. The entrance is free!
Organizers: MMCA, SKC Gallery, Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka