Antun Maračić: In the Long Run

15.5.2020. in 00h, MMSU

An exhibition by Antun Maračić – In the Long Run (May 15 to June 4, 2017) was held in old MMSU building at Dolac 1. As an epilogue to the exhibition itself, we recently published a book of the same name, which you can browse online.

Antun Maračić’s catalog entitled In the Long Run was recently published, as a continuation of the exhibition of the same name held at MMSU three years ago, according to the curatorial concept of Evelina Turković. The visually rich catalog, designed by Ana Tomić and Marino Krstačić-Furić, is substantiated by the author’s introductory text which introduces the reader to the nature of the selected works, indicating at the same time that it is not a retrospective review of the work, but a conceptual selection. Catalogue In the Long Run sums up the author’s preoccupation with time, which began with an interest in the process of creation in the early stages of analytical painting and sequential photography, and later took various forms of witnessing time as an indelible precondition for existence.

A selection of about thirty works, ranging from the second half of the 1970s to the present day, shows that Maračić is most often an observer and a silent witness not only of transience, but also of duration. Placing himself at the intersection of the objective pressure of time and his own subjective experience, he often decides to record in stages, returning to the same place at different times, thus allowing himself the freedom to extend time arbitrarily, but also to notice the change that has occurred in the meantime. In the unpredictable modalities of existence, through duration, disappearance, or recreation, time occupies it and becomes a hidden constant from which it draws reasons for creation. Neither linear nor cyclical, it appears in each of his works, most often photographs and videos, which is indicated through two hundred pages of the catalog as an incidental and spontaneous activity of keeping a diary.

“Other works shown here, such as low tech videos At the Table and those that are the product of noticing and affirming the elementary movement or simply adopting a technical error, and that last only a few seconds, justify the right to be present in the long run, in my perception and (sub)consciousness”, wrote Maračić in the introductory text.


Find the catalogue In the Long Run here