Meet the artist at MMSU – Dejan Kaludjerović

12.3.2024. in 18h

On Tuesday, 12/3 at 6pm, Deja Kaludjerović will present his artistic practice.

Dejan Kaludjerović has been staying in Rijeka working on the production of the new work within the Conversations series. It is an artistic research-based project that started in 2013 and stems from the interviews with children aged 6-10. So far, the artist has interviewed over 50 children from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in 8 countries using a set of simple yet provocative questions. Each set of interviews took place in the context of artist residencies that the artist held in Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Iran, Slovenia and his “home countries” of Austria and Serbia. These interviews are exhibited as site-specific sound installations in which convesations are made through editing of the material.

During the presentation at MMSU, Kaludjerović will delve into two works that are related to the series “Conversations”. “Conversation WMW” from 2017 is an installation composed of elements from existing versions of works from the series “Conversation”, while “I Don’t Know That Word…Yet” (2022/2023) is an opera based on previous interviews and presented as a five-channel video and sound installation in the gallery space.

Kaludjerović will also present the work “1st May, 1977” (2014), awarded at the 55th October Salon in Belgrade, in which he dissects a small act of violence in a family 8mm video.

“Dejan Kaludjerović is interested in the everyday inscriptions of power, culture, language, belief and law on the body and on the mind. (…) He thus examines the usual suspects, such as forms of mass media, education systems and indeed the influence of family and society on the psyche. ” (Seamus Kealy: Repositories of Unseen Impulses: A Few Notes on the Work of Dejan Kaludjerović)

Dejan Kaludjerović was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna in the class of Erwin Wurm and gained an MA in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2004. For his achievements in visual arts, Kaludjerović was granted in 2010 an honorable Austrian citizenship. In 2017 Kaludjerović co-founded a Vienna based arts and cultural organization Verein K. From 2023 – 2025 he serves as a member of the advisory board of the KUNSTHALLE EXNERGASSE Vienna. He has exhibited internationally at numerous solo and group shows in Europe, USA, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Foto: Dejan Kaludjerović, Conversations-WMW-Weltmusuem-Wien

The project has received Grant for Culture Moves Europe.

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