FIRST ONLINE KAMOV RESIDENCY – Ben Cain, Tina Gverović, Tanja Vrvilo


In the times when culture and art are increasingly vulnerable, support to the art community in research and work is needed more than ever. The volatility of the frameworks in which the Museum’s programs will be taking place over the next period and the uncertainty as to when things would go back to normal encouraged us to launch online KAMOV Residency. The online residency program will host its first residents in December 2020 and January 2021.


Since it is not possible to organize regular artist-in-residence programs in KAMOV, which would include traveling, visiting and staying in Rijeka, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art decided to establish communication and dialogue with artists, curators and researchers and invite them to join us from the comfort of their homes or temporary home offices. In the creative residencies that will last a month or two, the invited authors will be able to propose research and projects, offer text based works, or visual essays and mood boards, research scraps, notes, thoughts, sounds, images, propositions, experiments, works in progress or finished works.  A vague outlook shaped by the ongoing measures and people’s own mechanisms of balancing a safe and relaxed way of life   made us think about the relationship between was it controlled and what is left to chance in other professional and intimate spheres, too. Therefore, artists can relate the topic of their residency to the contradiction between something that is planned and something that is unforeseeable, i.e., something available and something unavailable. In the process, they can explore the MMSU collection which is accessible online and publish images and texts on the Museum’s website or Youtube channel, establish communication via the Museum’s Instagram profile, examine the issues, history and contexts in the background of the museum’s work, neighborhood, neighboring institutions, or the city, interpret the thematic framework through the prism of everydayness and unveil the historical narratives, correlations and projections.

The first residency will be realized through a direct invitation, while international calls for artworks will be announced in the future.

Carte Blanche for the first KAMOV online residency is given to Tanja Vrvilo, Tina Gverović and Ben Cain.

Photo: Together again (web), Ben Cain, 2020