A talk with artist Neli Ružić and curator Irena Bekić

21.6.2024. in 19h

In what ways do we encourage contact with reality outside the exhibition space? How do we communicate outside the gallery framework and with a wider audience? What are we afraid of when we work outside the traditional space of the museum?

These questions, as well as the possibility of ‘fixing’ institutions in terms of encouraging horizontal relations between artists, curators and audiences, are the starting points of discussions with Neli Ružić and the curator of her recent exhibition Timescape – Time Horizon (Irena Bekić, Zagreb Art Pavilion, in collaboration with Marijana Stanić, 90-60-90 | Platform for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2023), which will take place on Friday, 21st June, at 7 PM at the Museum.

With the illuminated inscription It’s Too Late to Give Up, the focus of the conversation is the artist’s participatory projects, which target various communities and explore the connections between the present and the future, such as Fixing Time – art interventions, KBC Split (Zoja Dumengjić Gallery, HULU) or Urgency – 112 Almissa Open Art Festival, Omiš.