The Turned Out Pocket: Picture Of Sound / In The Tunnel

26.6.–10.7.2020., Rijeka tunnel

Audio art in a public place.

Evelina Turković (HR), the editor of the programme Picture of Sound on the Third Programme of Croatian Radio, will present a selection of works by contemporary visual artists created for this show from 2015 to 2018. The production of this show is a kind of gallery of works by visual artists who use sound as a constitutive element in their works, in accordance with similar conceptual artistic practices and in a wide range of themes and design methods. By setting up audio works created for a radio programme in a specific tunnel space, the curator shapes the possibility for a whole new experience of sound: the visitors, as listening subjects, by passing through the tunnel can actively associate audio sensations with the experience of space and time.

Organisers: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Partner: Croatian Radiotelevisionm Drama Department of Croatian Radiotelevision (Zagreb)
Flagship: Times of Power