Documents In The Making – Sanja Iveković

1.1.–1.4.2021., MMSU

A current and critical reading of Sanja Iveković’s work in the context of wider artistic and social events.

The exhibition of one of the most prominent contemporary Croatian artists on the international art scene today is the final event of the year of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

The exhibition intersects the views of curator Ivana Bago (HR), associates of various generations and research interests, about the powerful, socially referenced, media-diverse and continuous artistic work of Sanja Iveković from the 1970s. Taking an anthology exhibition by Sanja Iveković as a starting point, Documents 1949-1976 (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 1976), the author’s private documents and archive, the curatorial team proposes an up-to-date and critically oriented reading of Sanja Iveković’s work in the context of broader artistic and social developments as well as feminist interventions in the field of art history. The exhibition is supplemented by a collection of reference texts about the work and activities of Sanja Iveković, edited by curator Bojana Pejić (HR), a long-time contributing author. A film programme is planned in cooperation with Art-Kino Croatia, as well as several interventions in the public space of the city of Rijeka.

Organiser: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Flagship: Times of Power