3rd Industrial Art Biennial – Ride Into The Sun

31.7.–4.10.2020., Labin, Raša, Pula, Vodnjan, Opatija, MMSU

Apparatuses of power. Antiquity. Idleness. Deindustrialisation. Social imagination. Aesthetics. Feminism. Film. Industry. Collapse. Inaction. Post-work. Solidarity. Tourism. Utopia. Through contemporary art.

The Industrial Art Biennial (IAB), an international exhibition of contemporary art is conceived as an experimental laboratory that uses the industrial topography of Istria and Rijeka as its starting point, and reflects the phenomena which shaped the social and cultural landscape of the region, concentrating on the specific context of three cities: Labin, Pula and Rijeka, also including towns in their immediate vicinity: Raša, Vodnjan and Opatija.

In thirty-odd works by contemporary Croatian and international artists, some of which have been created especially for this exhibition, the 3rd Industrial Art Biennial, titled Ride into the Sun, questions the relationship between art and society, with focuses tethered to the specifics of the aforementioned locations. In Labin, these are the idea of an underground town, the possibility of a concrete utopia and deindustrialisation, in Pula the theme of film as an apparatus of power, ancient legacy and deindustrialisation, whilst in Rijeka the relationship of work and non-work and the radical concept of a world of post-work which abandons the currently dominant ideology of work.

In this sense, the 3rd Industrial Art Biennial also touches upon the issues of artistic and cultural production, cinematography as a social and ideological apparatus, questions of the relationship between power, politics and aesthetics, the (im)potence of images… The gaze is focused on the condition of failed production infrastructure, it is interested in the consequences of deindustrialisation, it relies on the perspectives of solidarity and feminism, considers the themes of work, consequences of the development of tourism, the disappearance of industrial production, it re-examines conditions of tensions and collapse, the possibilities of social imagination and their utopian potential.

The exhibition is curated by an international team

The exhibition is curated by an international team of curators: Gerald Matt (AT), Branka Benčić (HR), Christian Oxenius (DE/IT), Ksenija Orelj (HR), under the leadership of the president and artistic leader of Labin Art Express XXI Dean Zahtila (HR) and Damir Stojnić (HR).

Organiser: Labin Art Express XXI
Partners: Archaeological Museum Istria (Pula), Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria (Pula), Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Arts (Vodnjan), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Rijeka), EVA International (Limerick, IE)
Flagship: Times of Power and Dopolavoro