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Krešimirova 26c, Rijeka

Radno vrijeme: utorak - nedjelja: 11 - 20 sati

ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

adresa do 1.10.2017. Dolac 1/II, Rijeka

Mali salon
Korzo 24, Rijeka

Zimsko (od 1.10. do 30.4.):
utorak – subota, od 11 do 18 sati
nedjelja, od 11 do 13 i od 17 do 20 sati
ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

Ljetno (od 1.5. do 30.9.):
utorak – petak, od 11 do 20 sati
subota i nedjelja, od 11 do 14 i od 18 do 20 sati
ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

ponedjeljkom otvoreno uz prethodnu najavu
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Arhiva izložbi
Risk Change

Lives on the Move – conditions in the altered state of borders

The program accompanying Black Disguises exhibition

20 February 2018, 17:00 – 20:00 h, MMSU, Krešimirova 26c

Following the motto of the international project RISK CHANGE, Migration is a natural law: everything moves, everybody migrates, this symposium aims to raise questions about limitations on today’s mobility. As the program that runs parallel to Black Disguises exhibition, it gathers theorists and empiricists of different profiles and thematizes the extremes of modern society. One the one side – movability, mobility and intercultural cooperation, on the other – border control, exile and exclusion. By reflecting on the relationships of social politics, cultural practices and migration processes, the symposium promotes interdisciplinary cooperation and encourages an exchange of experiences and perspectives with the audience. It intends to confirm migrations as a general principle, exploring their real and fictional possibilities outside the scope of the given borders. It draws attention to the risks of change and describes the (im)possibilities of finding one’s way in the situations of poor security, disorientation and a desperate struggle for optimism and togetherness in the times of building walls.


Jelena Prtorić (independent journalist): Life in front of the border – unwanted guests at Europe's door

Marijana Hameršak and Iva Pleše (Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb): Ethnography and refugee camp in Slavonski Brod

Marko Luka Zubčić (doctorand of “Philosophy and Contemporariness” at the University of Rijeka): Disequilibrium utility: bad bets and basic goods

Renato Stanković (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Rijeka): Cultural policies as social policies

Valentina Radoš (Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek): 25th Slavonian biennial and making things visible

After the symposium, at 20:00, the Dance Ensemble of the Primary School for Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance at “Vežica” Primary School will give a dance performance entitled Migrations

Choreographer: Kate Foley

Dancers: Jana Budiša, Katja Butković, Lara Drljača and Jana Jakšić



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Support: the EU program Creative Europe, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Rijeka, EPK – Rijeka 2020

Black Disguises exhibition is part of the program called Kitchen – Center for Creative Migrations developed by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka within the framework of the four-year program of the European Capital of Culture, Rijeka 2020 – Port of Diversity.

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